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Commercial & Industrial Land Inventory

Commercial & Industrial Land Inventory

Town of Gibsons

Gibsons is the commercial centre for the area south of the Roberts Creek/Sechelt boundary. It has two large shopping malls and several “strip” malls. Sunnycrest Mall has 111,651 ft² of retail space. The mall’s public areas were renovated in 2012. Lease space is available. Gibsons Park Plaza has 81,402 ft² of retail space. Lease space is occasionally available. The mall was extensively renovated in 2012, and expansion is planned. Commercial space is available at highway-adjacent stand-alone buildings, small malls and at Soames Place mixed-use building near Sunnycrest Mall.

The commercial occupancy rate for the Town is over 95%, with prime space along the main highway corridor and in the Lower Gibsons shopping district almost 100% occupied.

Gibsons has an industrial zone near the Gibsons Way (Hwy 101) and several industrial properties along the highway. There is a small amount of undeveloped industrial land.

District of Sechelt

Sechelt is the main commercial centre for the Sunshine Coast. The provincial court house, RCMP detachment offices, government agent and other government offices are located here. Most of the Coast’s medical practitioners, specialists and ancillary health care professionals have offices in Sechelt, in close proximity to the Sechelt Hospital. The downtown business area or “Village” has two large shopping malls (Tsain-ko Village: 98% occupied; and Trail Bay Centre: 98% occupied, with phase III construction now underway ) and several “strip” malls as well as several blocks of retail storefront lining Cowrie, Teredo, and Trail Streets – about 95% occupied. Sechelt has no undeveloped commercial land in the downtown; however, land zoned commercial which may now be occupied by a residential building may be redeveloped by a purchaser. Currently, many service businesses in the downtown business area opt to maintain the ‘house’ facade and redevelop the interior in order to keep the village ambience.

Sechelt has industrial land along Sechelt Inlet Road on Field Road in Wilson Creek and small parcels adjacent to Sechelt Airport. Most industrial land is developed. Lease opportunities exist.

Sunshine Coast Regional District

Although the Sunshine Coast Regional District does not issue business licences, zoning restrictions do apply. New business owners are encouraged to contact SCRD Planning staff to confirm that their business complies with the zoning.

Pender Harbour (Area A) concentrates most of its commercial-zoned land base in Madeira Park, with two small zones along Highway 101 at Francis Peninsula Road and at Garden Bay Road. Commercial zones at the Earl’s Cove ferry terminal and in Egmont are ‘spot’ zones for single businesses.

Halfmoon Bay (Area B) has two small commercial centres with no expansion planned according to their OCP. Please note that the Halfmoon Bay OCP was amended on September 27, 2018 to incorporate OCP Amendment No. 675.4, 2017.

Roberts Creek (Area D) has a small commercial centre that serves local residents and tourists. Roberts Creek has integrated its commercial development into its village ambiance.

Elphinstone (Area E) is a densely populated rural and suburban area adjacent to the Town of Gibsons. Some commercial land is available in Elphinstone. Industrial and civic services industries locate in Elphinstone due to favourable permitted land uses and the availability of appropriate land parcel sizes.

West Howe Sound (Area F) encompasses densely populated rural areas proximate to the Town of Gibsons, and a large hinterland stretching up Howe Sound. Predominant land uses are residential and industrial, with very little commercial zoning.


The highest concentration of available industrial land in the SCRD is in Hillside Industrial Park on West Howe Sound. Over 300 acres of industrial land are developed, with 700 acres undeveloped. Shoreline properties may have water leases. Most developed lots are sold. Few have substantial improvements. The Langdale BC Ferry Terminal is 11 km away. Howe Sound Pulp & Paper is adjacent to the Park. Between 3-4 million cubic metres of logs pass through the Howe Sound log sorting yards.

Many large acreages in the SCRD may be used for light industrial; check with the SCRD Planning Department for land use restrictions and zoning.


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