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Drinking Water — Gibsons

Berkeley Springs Gold Medal WinnerThe Town of Gibsons is served by well water from an unusually pure local aquifer. The Town delivers water to approximately 4,000 local customers via 1,700 service connections. The Town is committed to scrupulous monitoring of water quality and preserving its exceptional aquifer.

Town water rates for both residential and commercial properties are based on a tiered rate structure, with the price rising as water consumption rises. Usage is measured per six month period, and prices are charged per cubic metre. (A cubic metre equals 1,000 litres or 264 US gallons). Water usage within the Town of Gibsons is metered. For current water rates and water connection charges, please refer to Schedule B (updated annually) of the Gibsons Utility Regulation Bylaw here.

Drinking Water – Regional

Most of the Sunshine Coast is served by the Regional District’s water system, which supplies 23,000 customers from the Chapman Creek water treatment facility, opened in 2004. Some rural areas have wells or other small water systems. Current Gibsons water rates and connection charges.


The Town of Gibsons wastewater treatment plant, completed in 2006, is designed to accommodate the projected build-out of the town (10,000 residents). Residential properties connected to sewer pay a sewer usage fee plus a parcel tax. There is a flat fee for commercial properties that varies according to the type of usage. For current fees and connection charges, please refer to Schedule C of the Gibsons Utility Regulation Bylaw

Sechelt’s innovative Water Resource Centre  incorporates a greenhouse that uses organic processes to filter waste products as a key feature of the sewage treatment process. The design ensures the facility will integrate well with the surrounding neighbourhood and the adjacent Sechelt Marsh park. The building was awarded the  LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold standard as well as the 2018 Architectural Innovation from Architectural Institute of British Columbia; the 2016 Innovation Award from Southern Interior Construction Association (SICA); the 2016 Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) Sustainable Communities Award; the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies (ACEC-BC)  2016 Award of Excellence; the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of BC 2016 Environmental Award; the Canadian Construction Association (CCA) 2015 Environmental Achievement Award; and  was the 2016 Grand Winner of the Canadian Design Build Institute (CDBI) Award of Excellence. Click here to review Fast Fact details on the Centre.

All new sanitary sewer and storm water management infrastructure is designed and approved in conformance with the requirements of Subdivision and Development Control Bylaw No. 430, 2003. Information on bylaws, regulations and fees.

The SCRD provides a community service for wastewater treatment and disposal. The small community wastewater treatment systems are located in Electoral Areas A, B, D, E and F. The specific wastewater collection and treatment facilities are:

West Howe Sound (Area F) – Langdale

Elphinstone (Area E) – SunnysideWoodcreek

Roberts Creek ( Area D ) – Roberts Creek Cohousing

Halfmoon Bay (Area B) – Curran RoadJolly RogerSquare BaySecret Cove

Pender Harbour (Area A) – Greaves RoadCanoe RoadLee Bay, Merrill CrescentLily Lake.

The sewer treatment facilities operated by the SCRD are regulated by the Provincial Government under the Ministry of Environment (Sewer systems that discharge over 22.7 m3 per day) and the Local Health Authority (Sewer systems that discharge less than 22.7 m3 per day).

New community sewer systems are required to comply with the respective Ministry regulations and with SCRD Servicing Bylaw 320. In accordance with this Bylaw, persons wanting to construct a community sewer system to serve two or more parcels in the SCRD must first apply and receive approval in writing from the SCRD.


Electric power in BC is provided by BC Hydro and Power Authority. Rates charged depends on usage and certain discounts may be applicable. For detailed information, click here.

Natural Gas

Natural gas is available through Fortis BC (except in some remote areas of the Sunshine Coast). Detailed information about commercial rates is available here:

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