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PNP Regional Pilot

PNP Regional Pilot

This page is about the “BC PNP: Entrepreneur Immigration” and the “BC PNP: Regional Pilot” programs for the Town of Gibsons, District of Sechelt, Sunshine Coast Regional District

For full details about these programs please refer to the BC Provincial Government website for the PNP Programs.

The Sunshine Coast Regional Economic Development Organization (SCREDO) is the sole authority responsible for providing referral letters to the BC PNP Regional Pilot Program for the Sunshine Coast Regional District, Gibsons, and Sechelt. Please refrain from contacting local government directly, they will simply send you back here.

Sectors and businesses identified for strategic investment

There are numerous strategic plans and vision documents for the various towns and areas of the Sunshine Coast. These documents will give you a high- level view of what types of businesses and developments are desired on the coast. This website ( provides a wealth of information about zoning, taxes, utilities, labour market information and much more. Consulting these resources will help you plan your investment on the Sunshine Coast.

If you intend to apply via the “BC PNP: Regional Pilot”, then your planned business must be within one of the NAICS codes listed below. This ONLY applies to the ‘Regional Pilot’ program. If you are intending to apply to the regular “BC PNP: Entrepreneur Immigration” program, you are not restricted to these industries.

PNP Entrepreneur Immigration Regional Pilot
Min investment $200k $100k
Sector Any Entire coast:
541 Professional, scientific and tech services
611 Educational services
Additional Code for Sechelt, Gibsons
713 Amusement and recreation industries
Additional Code for Areas A, B, D, E, F
321 Wood product manufacturing
Referral letter Helpful Required

PNP Regional Pilot: Approved Sector Information

  • 541 Professional, scientific and technical services (Techs and Designers)
    There is a large community of designers, writers, graphic designers, computer programmers, electronic device engineers on the coast. The technology and design sector gets stronger with each new business, so your startup would be welcomed and celebrated.

  • 611 Educational services
    Our proximity to Vancouver makes us a suitable location for short-term courses and workshops of all kinds. Especially welcome are providers of customer service, communications, and leadership training. There are a number of hotels and other venues to partner with.

  • 713 Amusement and recreation industries
    Our tourism organization has identified a demand for ‘adventure tourism’. This would includes facilities such as Zip lines, Canopy tours, sailing, Hiking/Guiding, para-sailing)

  • 321 Wood product manufacturing
  • There is a good supply of a variety of different kinds of timber available on the Sunshine Coast.

Business Information about the Sunshine Coast

This website ( contains a wealth of information about all the communities of the Lower Sunshine Coast. This site contains information about government and taxation, utilities and resources, labour market analysis, land use planning, Official Community Plans and other strategic plans. Use the menu at the top of this page as your starting place to research information relevant to the business you would like to start.

How to request a ‘Regional Pilot’ referral letter

  • Step #1:

    Please provide all the following information as a single downloadable document (not in the body of an email) and send directly to The document should be titled “Regional Pilot: Information Package” and must include:

    1. Contact information of the applicant (or their agent) including name, email, phone number and address
    2. IELTS or CELPIP English Test Score
    3. Applicants Resume
    4. A brief description (150 words or less) of the type of business the applicant is thinking about starting in our community (including the 3-digit NAICS)
    5. The applicants self-declared scores from BC PNP Online Entrepreneur Immigration Regional Pilot Registration

    NOTE: The applicant must have passed the English language test with the required score prior to submitting the information package. Information packages received without the passing score indicated, will be rejected outright.

    After we receive your information package we will inform you within 7-10 business days if we consider the information package complete.

  • Step #2

    If your package is deemed complete and we are interested in your application, we will send the listed contact an invoice for a $500 administrative fee.
    This fee:

    • is not refundable
    • is not a guarantee of receiving a referral letter
    • does not facilitate access to elected officials

    This fee is a cost recovery requirement so that we have the resources to respond in a timely manner to the large volume of interest we are receiving and to provide the applicant with the attention they deserve while learning about our community’s business needs. This fee allows us to assign a business analyst to your request who will review your business plan and provide you with feedback and advice to assist you with your research and planning.

  • Step #3

    Upon receipt of your administration fee we will contact you to arrange an in-person meeting.

    It is very important that you are clear in step 1 about the type business you are intended to start. We want your site visit to be productive and to help you gather the information you need to prepare an effective business plan. We will work to introduce you to vendors, suppliers, agents and consults related to your chosen business and to provide a tour of relevant facilities and communities.

    The site visit is not a box checking exercise, it is your opportunity to do real research about the business you are planning to start and the community your family will reside in.

  • Step #4

    Once the applicant has completed their research, they must submit their completed business plan to us. The business plan will be received in confidence and only be viewed by our staff, business analyst and review committee.

  • Step #5

    Upon receipt of the business plan, SCREDO will, in a timely manner, make its final decision whether to provide a community referral letter to the applicant or not.

How to request a ‘Entrepreneur Immigration’ referral letter

A referral letter is not required from our community in order to apply to the “PNP Entrepreneur Immigration” program, however it does help. The process for requesting a referral letter for the “PNP Entrepreneur Immigration” program is the same as the process above for the ‘Regional Pilot’.

Services for entrepreneurs and new community members

The Sunshine Coast has many organizations that provide entrepreneur and business support services:

  • Community Futures,
  • Sunshine Coast Tourism,
  • Gibsons Chamber of Commerce,
  • Sechelt Chamber of Commerce,
  • Pender Harbour Chamber of Commerce,
  • Sechelt Downtown Business Association
  • Roberts Creek Community Association

All of these organizations are already working very closely together on a number of initiatives that support entrepreneurs and our business community. These organizations are all involved in our enrollment into the PNP Regional Pilot Program and are ready to support new entrepreneurs in our community through a process of “active engagement”. We understand that new members of our community may be coming from different cultures and it is not enough to simply open our doors to them, we must specifically contact them and invite them to our events, and to participate in our organizations. For example, the Chambers of Commerce will sponsor memberships for these new business owners and will have a campaign to personally invite these new business owner to their social and professional development events.

The Sunshine Coast is also prepared to help support the family and community needs of these new business owners and their families. The Sunshine Coast Community Services Society operates a “Welcoming Communities” program which provides:

  • Social and cultural activities and events
  • Free English Language Support
  • Opportunities to meet other immigrants and make new friends
  • Information about housing, employment, finances, education and other social services in our community

The Community Resources Centre (CRC), operate a Community Information and Referral Service. With their assistance, SCREDO we will provide concierge services for new families assisting every member of the new business owners household to make the connections they need to become locally involved.

The Sunshine Coast is home to four Rotary International services clubs. These Rotary Clubs are ready to actively engage with with these new business owners and SCREDO will sponsor their initial memberships.

All organizations on Team Sunshine Coast are committed to the process of active engagement to specifically and personally invite our new business owners and community members to participate in our society.

We look forward to welcoming new businesses and new community members.

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